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#EcoInnovationAlliance - the Family & Friends Platform by DWR eco to enable your solution for a green economy

Welcome to the Eco Innovation Alliance!

We're a dynamic coalition comprising start-ups, forward-thinking innovation firms, savvy investors, thought leaders and influential networks.

Our mission? To champion cutting-edge technologies and business models that drive tangible, positive change for our climate and environment.

Do I qualify?

To qualify for membership in the Eco Innovation Alliance, you must actively contribute to environmental improvement and climate protection through technology scaling, business innovations or investments. Additionally, an affiliation with DWR eco, whether as a current or former client, partner, or prospective one, is welcomed. Membership offers networking and collaboration opportunities, visibility and knowledge exchange, access to investors and human ressources to foster business growth in the clean technology sector.

About you

About your Affiliation

Three main challenges to grow your innovation


About the Eco Innovation Alliance

The Eco Innovation Alliance is a dynamic community of DWR eco clients, partners, industry, civil society, academics, media & other stakeholders dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation to enable the green economy. Our Alliance brings together forward-thinking businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are committed to driving positive change for the environment and society.

Disruptive ideas, scalable technologies, better regulations, effective communication and new business models can help start-ups, established innovation companies and investor make a decisive contribution to the energy, heating and mobility transition as well as to the ecological modernization of the economy. Central goals of this transition are: Avoidance of resources and emissions, use of renewable resources and the organization of the economy, and reorganizing the economy to support circular economy and sharing models which will enable us to protect the climate and the environment.

Key Advantages for Members


Networking Opportunities:

We organize regular targeted networking events and informal gatherings at our #EcoLounge in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg and our countryside campus “Forsthaus Tornow” located on a meadow in the woods and alongside beautiful lakes in Northern Brandenburg close to Neuruppin and Rheinsberg between Berlin and Hamburg.

We put you in direct contact with DWR eco clients, former clients or external stakeholders to facilitate exchange to grow your business, peer review your solution and start working on common projects.


Resource and Knowledge Exchange:

We host webinars, workshops, and seminars on relevant topics where

  • DWR eco experts share their knowledge on latest Cleantech Market Trends, effective Cleantech Communication or Policy Updates; and
  • Members have the opportunity to share their industry expertise and solutions with other members;
  • We invite experts to deliver talks on current topics or trends in the industry.
Business Development

Business Development and Collaboration Opportunities:

We support members in identifying potential collaboration partners.

Organize matchmaking to connect businesses with similar interests.

Forge partnerships with other organizations or institutions to provide access to additional business opportunities.

Initiate research and development projects to foster new insights and innovations in the field.


Access to Investors and Human Resources:

We have access to VC, Business Angels or Private Equity firms in the field of cleantech and climate tech that constantly search for the next investment opportunity to scale green business

We also help candidates to join executive jobs in the green economy or help cleantech companies to overcome their human resource bottlenecks to get qualified personal in time



Members of the alliance have the exclusive opportunity to showcase their expertise and initiatives on our two flagship podcasts, "Let’s Talk Change" and "Deep Dive Cleantech." These podcasts reach a wide audience interested in sustainability and innovation, providing members with valuable exposure and networking opportunities.

The alliance offers members the chance to amplify their news and activities through the Alliance and DWR Eco social media channels or use DWR eco Public Relation, Public Affairs or Market Strategy. Our social media platforms provide a platform for members to share their latest updates, achievements, and events, reaching a broader audience and enhancing their visibility within the sustainability community.


Contact Information:

Eco Innovation Alliance by DWR eco
Belforter Str. 1 | 10407 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 609819 500

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